The light show on halloween

One day there was a girl called Annabelle and she was 22 years old.Today she was going to town at 8pm to see the lights come on .She met her friends  in Starbucks and they had a warm drink because it was really cold outside.At about 9pm the lights were on people were dancing on stages and it was great fun.But there was a problem Annabelle took a picture of the lights and these faint people appeared in a picture she found it really creepy  so she said to her friend  “Kacy i just took a picture of the lights and there was something not normal in it “so her best friend Kacy replied “Thats awkward we will leave town as fast as possible ok”.”Okay replied Annabelle lets go. So they all went to Kacy’s house and they zoomed in on the picture until Kacy saw  a faint couple passing by staring at them and they were scared after that night  this is what they said toghether “We are never ever going out the house on halloween ”     The End

3 thoughts on “The light show on halloween”

  1. Good work! I think you made a good choice by adding in what each time was. It shows that it was late when the picture was took not in the morning of Halloween. Good job on adding how old Annabelle is. To me it adds to show how old they are. Don’t forget that ‘i’ is capital if you are talking about yourself.

  2. Hi Amelia great story i liked how you used your speech very well.Well done keep up the good work

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