The Little Boy’s Problems (part 2).

So I will continue with the story…

All the little boy’s friends celebrated his tenth birthday once. Everyone started singing ‘Happy Birthday’. His mum had lit all ten candles on his cake with a big flame. It was time to blow the candles out, he took a deep breath, leaned forward and blew the candles out. “AAHH!” Everyone screamed. The, now ten year old boy, did not know what had happened. Then the little boy smelt burning and realized his hair was on FIRE! He wet his hands and patted his hair but that didn’t work. So he tried putting his hair under running water and that did work.

So that’s the end of that story.

The next story is based at a swimming pool. There are three problems to this story. This is how it goes…

The little boy went to his local swimming pool one time. He was just having a shower, about to go into the pool room, when the shower turned cold. He ran out but slipped (that is why you should never run in a swimming pool). His mum and dad told him it was time to go in to the pool room. “Yay,” He said and he walked to the pool. The pool was massive most of it was deep. So the boy decided to jump into the pool and, just as he was in mid-air, he remembered he couldn’t swim! As he hit the water he felt himself going down, down, down. He could see the white tiles on the floor. Suddenly, he felt himself being hauled up to the surface. It was the life guard! Then he thought, I’m not coming here tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “The Little Boy’s Problems (part 2).”

  1. Dear James,
    I really enjoyed your story, but I especially liked the one about the swimming pool. It was great how you put in some of the thoughts of the boy. I think in the future you should make your posts 100 words or less since it is a 100 word challenge, and your story seemed to be a little bit more than 100 words. Aside from that, your story was one of the best stories that I have ever read from you. Amazing Job!
    -Maya E.

  2. Hi James! I liked how you continued your previous story, but still used the new prompt. I also liked how you added a sentence in parentheses to explain something, which added a nice little break from the story for a quick explanation. Also, what is the boy’s name? Overall, your story’s great!

    1. Hi Danny
      Thanks for the comment. I loved that you like it. On my next story Chocolate Boy I am also going to write a sequel.
      Cambridgeshire, England.

      P.S The boy’s name is written in the first story. 🙂

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