The Little Girl Who Was In Charge!

Once upon a house in Florida lived a little girl called Livvi. She always had to have a disgusting dinner. It was always cabbage soup. Her mum and dad loved it and couldn’t have enough of it. Livvi had had enough of it. So what she did was call a meeting with her parents. “Listen,” she said “I have had enough of this cabbage soup. It makes me sick.”                                                           “Well you have to have cabbage soup for dinner,” exclaimed her dad.                “But what if I was in charge? I would get to pick the food.”                                      Livvi’s mum and dad said that Livvi could be in charge for a little while. It was sweets every night!

4 thoughts on “The Little Girl Who Was In Charge!”

  1. Now, why am I not surprised with the change of menu Natalie?!

    This really made me smile & I’m sure going back to the cabbage soup would be hard but I’m not sure sweets every day would be too healthy.

  2. Natalie,

    Great job. I really liked how you used vivid vocabulary to show how disgusting the soup was and used a vegetable that most kids don’t like. Also I liked how living turned the situation around.

  3. Natalie, your story was very creative and flowed really well. I could tell that Livvi must have been elated to be able to make dinner every night by the way you explained her dislike of cabbage soup and want of preparing something herself. Keep blogging!

  4. Kia ora Natalie. Well done – I really enjoyed your 100 Word Challenge. You’ve done a super job including dialogue into your writing, and your great use of punctuation really helps your writing to flow clearly. Loved it Natalie – keep up the excellent work!

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