The Little Kitten’s Day Out

There was once, a Apple Tree Farm. On that farm was Mrs Boot,the farmer. She had two nice children called Poppy and Sam and a dog  called Rusty. Ted also works on the farm. He is helping Mr. Bran,the  truck driver. Mr. Bran has brought some sacks of food for the cows. They said goodbye to Mr. Bran. Mr. Bran waves back to them as he drives his truck out of the farmyard. Ted and poppy waved to him once again .          “Where’s my kitten?” signed Poppy .     “Where’s Fluff?” says Sam. They all look everywhere for Fluff. But they can’t find her.  “Pherhaps she jumped on the truck.” “Here take my car and go after thee truck,TED,”says Mrs. Boot. They jump in the car and drive off . When they caught up with the truck and got their kitten back.    
                                    THE END!

One thought on “The Little Kitten’s Day Out”

  1. Wow Nika that must have been scary. I think you could have added a bit of description as well so remember that next time

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