Little life

“Are they coming yet,”said a little voice “No,”said another little voice. “Good lets go and get some berry so for are berry pie,”So they went now as the blue door slowly open a little and  two little elfs came out.They said some words which sounded a little like this”Icle pickle boo,” And surprisingly all the berrys on the tree were gone and they were now in the elfs pockets. “Ahh,” said one of the elfs ” humans “, Said the elfs  and if you want to know about elfs they are so scared of humans so if you ever see a elf hide.

3 thoughts on “Little life”

  1. This is a great story Millie! I like how you made the story about something that isn’t human. Is this story based on the elf on the shelf?

    1. Hi Charlie thank you for commenting. It was not based on a elf on the shelf but i LOVE elfs on the shelf. I actually have a elf on the shelf. Mine is called Mr Candy Cane. Do you have one ?

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