London Museum’s Last Bad Experience

July, Friday 14th, 1994     July, Friday 13th, 1994

 A *SMASH* came from the Staff Meeting room of the London Museum. All of the members of staff rushed through the museum to the meeting room. It was almost like a large stampede of horses, speeding through the dry lands! One particular woman named Caroline was very brave, and offered to risk her life, and peek in first… Suddenly out of nowhere, a large thump came from behind all of workers and families… Out of the shadows crept a dark figure, the figure was tall and plump. A small object fell out the creature’s hand, it vanished. They placed the bone-like object in a small, airtight case, because it was said to cursed. Every time a family walks past it, they always get a freaky chill down their spines, and they get a bad vibe. No one knows why this bone object is cursed, but some paranormal experts believe the soul of that tall figure is trapped in that object…

By æΞ†ëϖψς∴⊗∂