lost horse

Today I woke up early to go and see my loving horse, Twilight. When I got outside Twilight wasn’t in her stable and I thought,”WELL WHAT A START!”I raced inside and told my Mum all about it,she was shocked! My heart was thumping, I got really scared, were is she is she hurt. All theses questions went though my head I had to go and look for her.I raced round my village and I went to the woods and I checked in the town and I checked ever where I could think of.” I have lost her forever,”I SHOUTED!

3 thoughts on “lost horse”

  1. Dear Morgan
    i like your story because you have a sizzing start and I like horses and they are cool animal and my name is Manny and they call me sometimes Emmanuel.

  2. I enjoyed reading your 100 wc what i licked was when you went to your mum and told her what you saw by riley

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