The lost Labrador Puppy

Once upon a time there was a cute little lost Labrador in a school field it was scared and lonely.Ella,Maria and Jamie who are best friends they walked up to the field and saw this cute Labrador puppy Ella said “Oh my dear lord theres a cute Labrador puppy”. Maria said “Oh well we need to look after that puppy its too cute”. Ella and Jamie agreed so they went to lunch and came back to the field and played with the puppy the puppy was so much happy and ever after but, they have to go in to class because it was the hole school assembly and there was an visitor called Miss Anderson she was talking about learning at school when you need help.Until it was the end of the day Ella took the puppy home and named it buddy. When it was bedtime Ella took buddy to bed and buddy licked Ella’s face and Ella laughed “Yes goodnight love you too”. The End.

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