the lost stick army

One day there was a stick man army to represent all the people   who died in the war  every year on the 1st of March they when’t there to remember them but one day they went missing we searched for them and i saw them on the back of trucks “hey stop” said the boy  with all of the trucks might he pulled away  up higher into the mountain the truck when’t “weal never see them again bye bye life well never live with out them” ok we will see them again” to be continued…


2 thoughts on “the lost stick army”

  1. Good job, you had a real good post and I really liked it. I liked how interesting it was to read. I also liked how I understood it and knew what you meant.

  2. Dear Tobias,

    I like how well you used dialogue in the story. I also liked how you described what the stick man army was and what they were there for. I would suggest adding more capitalization and punctuation, as well as making the actions of the characters more clear, as it can be confusing sometimes. Overall, your story was great!

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