The lost thing part 1

One day there lived a boy called Bobby.He was having breakfast with his mum and he was in a bad mood so he goes back to bed and ever one came to see him but he kept on saying GO AWAY!!!! And then he said it really loud and every one was gone he didn’t care until he didn’t get lunch and he just had a sandwich. And then some thing happend the hole world went.He did’t no were they went he thought evary was going to scer him but they did’t.and then something was coming what is that ahhhhhhh.

The End



One thought on “The lost thing part 1”

  1. Hi Sam,
    I liked how used capital letters when you were supposed to and punctuation. A connection to your story is that sometimes I’m in a bad mood and I sometimes yell. Also, I think you should you do the prompt correctly and not make up a random story. Secondly, I think you could use a different word than “and” in the beginning of your sentences. Lastly, what is your treasured item that you would keep forever and why? Check out my blog!
    Trinity in Illinos

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