The Mad And Angry Monkey !

Once upon a time there was a mad but very intelligent monkey , because he was so intelligent he was asked to replace a class teacher who was very sick. The class was surprised but happy because they thought it was funny. When the monkey arrived he did not seem happy at all, especially when he turned on the teachers laptop but it did not work. He punched the keys again and again and again, which made the monkey very angry. In his frustration he chucked the laptop of the table and smashed it. The next day the monkey was sent back to Africa.

2 thoughts on “The Mad And Angry Monkey !”

  1. Hi Mattis. I thought your story was funny. I think it was a good ide to explain why the monkey was sent back to Africa and why he was so angry. Keep up the great work.

  2. Hi Mattis I really liked the way you talked about the monkey and I really like the start of the sentence that adjective “intelligent” I think that was fantastic!

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