Making A New Friend

On a hot day in New York a little boy was walking back from school. The little boy saw a penguin at his house  and thought that he was lonely.So he picked him up.

The little boy was so kind to the penguin. He did lots for him. But the penguin didn’t like it!

The boy gave him lots of ice, made him a home and showed the penguin to all of his friends.


On  hot day I need New York a penguin was minding his own business outside a front door. But suddenly he was picked up by this boy. The boy thought he was lonely.

The penguin was showed to all of the boys friend showed and was made a really weird  home. The penguin didn’t like it! But the opened his window and the penguin escaped.

That night the boy couldn’t sleep. But the penguin got lonely so he waddled back to the boy and they were friends forever!

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  1. Hi, Natalie! Your post was very entertaining to read. I think that it was clever to write how the penguin felt lonely after his escape and returned to the boy who found him; it contributed to the theme of friendship that you created! Fabulous job!

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