Millie’s Book

“Mum mum look, I wrote a book its called * The night zoo keeper*” said Millie excitedly

“Great because I have entered you into a book contest”, said her mum with a great smile.As Millie walked up stairs she thought of the contest, that her mum said 5minutes ago,Millie came down and shouted” Mum can I go now to the contest”,

But her mum just wailed” fine go to the car now please darling”. Millie got in the car and raced to the contest, She got out and exclaimed ” Here have this its my book”,

” Sorry the contest is finished come back in 1 year sorry”, said the assinent.

3 thoughts on “Millie’s Book”

  1. Hi Nikki great story love the name Millie in it lol 😂 ❤️. Keep up the good work

  2. Hi Nikki
    I like the story you have written here, it’s well constructed. The prompt, however, was to write about a magical animal and this was missing from your story. I wonder what animal featured in Millie’s story.
    Miss T team 100 wc

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