the mistery light bulb

Once upon a time there was a smashed light bulb that was smashed all over the floor peices went every where but they wernt just normall coulers they where yellow,red,geen and a little person came out of it and i piked him up and he was as light as a ballon.He diddnt know where he was so he asked me where he was so I answerd him and I said you where at someones home.He asked how do I get back? he said i dont know but cums to think of it where do you live? I yuesed to live in that light bulb well any whey you can live whith me THE END!


3 thoughts on “the mistery light bulb”

  1. Great story Alfie I liked the part when the stuff smashed on the need to improve on the on your title put capital letters and your spelling well done from your best friend Aiden

  2. I like the part were it smashed every were . But you have missed the capital letters in your title.

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