Molly’s party!

One day there was a girl called Molly. Molly loved dancing and singing. At the weekend it was Molly’s birthday and she was having a pool party. Her mum said that Molly could invite five people round for a sleepover afterwards. Molly invited her whole class for the pool party and then her five best friends for the sleepover. Molly’s five best friends are Demi, Holly, Eva, Imogene and Louise. It was finally the day of Molly’s party. She was so excited. Molly and her mum got into the car and they were off the drive in no time. When they arrived the pool was empty as the staff were putting up the big float in the middle of the pool. Molly went into the changing room to get her swimming costume on. When Molly came out there was already one person waiting for her. It was Demi. “Hi Demi!” shouted Molly.                            “Hi Molly!” shouted Demi.                                                                                                       “Demi why don’t you go and get changed like Molly is,” said Demi’s mum    excitedly.                                                                                                                                            “Okay mum,” said Demi. After Demi and Molly came out of the changing room Holly and Eva were standing there smiling as they walked out. “Hi Holly and Eva, how are you both?” asked Molly.                                                            “We’re fine,” chorused Holly and Eva. Finally everyone else that Molly had invited had arrived. They all got changed before they listened to the rules of the pool. After the rules had finished all of the kids and adults got into the pool and started to play.