Once upon a time, there was a Monkey Professor. He had his own lab! I will tell you a bit about it. It had a fan, a laptop and a big bowl of bananas! So on with the story…

One day, when the Monkey Professor was eating bowlfuls of bananas, he got asked to do an important job. The important job was to be done on a laptop. So Monkey Professor grabbed his laptop and headed for his desk. He put his laptop down (not noticing the banana skins where he had placed it) and sat in his swivel chair. Monkey Professor opened up his laptop, pressed a key and… “VVROOMM,” the laptop slid off the table! It had smashed!

The next day he was fired.


2 thoughts on “Monkey”

  1. Hi James!

    Your story this week was exciting, full of action, and enjoyable. I liked the way you used an onomatopoeia to emphasize and really bring out the action of the laptop smashing to the ground. Really good job!

    -Maya E.

  2. Dear James,

    I like how well you used onomatopoeia in the story. I also liked how you used parentheses to expalin one part of the story. I would suggest adding more dialouge. Overall, your story was great!

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