Monkey Madman

One bright sunny day, there were children playing and laughing outside in the beautiful weather, while Professor Madman was inside working on his new invention called ‘The Force’. Nobody knew what ‘The Force’ was meant to do, as Professor Madman did not like to socialise. But what some people did know was that the invention was dangerous and that Professor Madman was planning on taking over the world, and replacing it with bananas! One child who knew about this, was one of the children playing outside of Madman’s office and because he knew Madmman’s plans he decided too throw an EGG at his office window. The proffesser jumped out of his skin and his computer slid off the table and onto the floor with a ‘BANG’ and luckily the computer broke and all the plan data was wiped. “MY PLANS, MY GLORIOUS PLANS!” cried Proffessor Madman falling to the floor, and that was the end of that.



2 thoughts on “Monkey Madman”

  1. I loved your story! It was so funny! I liked how you used dialogue and screaming in your story. Also, it was cool how a kid saved the world.

  2. Hi Ava,

    Your story was great! In all of your writing, you use so many adjectives and vivid vocabulary to make the reader want to read more. It makes the story so much more interesting. Good Job!

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