Ones there was a little boy called josh he had a mum who was a gym teacher and his dad who worked at an office and his annoying brother his mum wanted to move house but his dad didn’t. One night the sower pipe bursted so his dad said we might as well sell this old house because it is falling down. So they had to move house they bought a house in America also their dads friends were lorry drivers so they came round on our moving day we packed are things into the lorys we disidid put the food in the small car they left and they got there. BING! The phone rang is was his dads friends one of their trucks had cought on fire so joshes family had to stay in there new house with food and a TV. It was could . They were frightened. They were scared so how they got throw a night. BING the door bell rang It my dads friends they fitted all the stoth in one of the trucks.