Mr.Hand man who had a plan (poem).

Mr.Hand man who had a plan to take over, but he had a sneeze without a disese but he was still going to do it, he had a grin he was naughty and slim and he was going to go, a bird with a flock and she had a frock and started to attack, he started sobbing without no blobbling with a few scratches on the head, he started to give up and triped up and fell of the building, and now his nail what looks like a snail he started to sob and bleed, he had a blaster without no disaster and was no longer bad again.

4 thoughts on “Mr.Hand man who had a plan (poem).”

  1. I really enjoyed reading your poem.
    Max, have a look at how poems are often printed – I think it would have been easier to read yours if you’d set it out the same way.
    I was impressed by your imagination when Mr Hand Man fell off the building.

  2. Hey Max! I read your blog and I really liked it. I liked how you decided to make it rhyme. I wanted to tell you that you had one small error in your story. When you wrote “blaster without no disaster” it should’ve been blaster with no disaster. Other than that you did great, so keep up the good work.

  3. Hey Max ,
    What I like is nice job coming up with the name Mr Hand. Do you know why there is a hand on top of a church? Is it true that hand is there? Next time try to only get 100 words. I also like that you kept rhyming. You should come check my blog out its Preston.

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