my bad dream

Wow I woke up for the worst but best dream ever It was were my friends for the peach died and I did not like it But I made brand new friends but I still miss them so I went down to the giant peach to check on them but they were not there so i looked every wear so i checked the bathroom the bedroom and the farm but they were not there so i looked i a peach and they were they so i said. OMG i have been looking for you all day. ha ha we pranced you

One thought on “my bad dream”

  1. Hi Grace,

    I was so glad when I reached the end of your story and realised that your friends had only been pranking you! You did such a good job of describing that feeling of dread we have sometimes in dreams… When we know something isn’t right, and it’s probably a dream, but we can’t wake up!

    I look forward to reading more stories from you.

    Mrs Pratt (Team 100WC Australia)

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