My big teacup

One Saturday I woke up and my dad said we are going to a fair I was very excited . We got in the car and drove to the fair it looked very fun I could not wait to get in the first ride I went on was the giant teacups they were massive I got on it was very fun until they broke they went flying through the air one of them got stuck in the ground another hit someone and broke their leg the rest of them hit rides and the fair went crazy luckily no one got hurt

One thought on “My big teacup”

  1. Alfie,

    What a scary and exciting experience!

    I enjoy reading your story. While reading it, I can feel the excitement of going to fair and the tea cups flying all over. I wonder how you get to the ground. Where you and your dad in the cup which lodged itself in the ground? Did you skirted a tent on your way down?

    Happy writing.

    Mrs. Trivedi-Ziemba (Team 100 WC, USA)

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