My Cat

My cat goes out at in the day but then mummy locks the door at night so how can my cat get back in the house I wonder . Maybe he has super powers and flies to the window and unlocks it or maybe he can walk through walls. He could go down the drain pipe but how could he be so clean when I wake up. I have told my cat a million times “How do you get back in the house ” but he will never tell me he will just “meow”. When I think about it he could just come through the cat flap!

4 thoughts on “My Cat”

  1. I love this post Millie! I like how you tried to think of how the cat might get in at night. I also like your creativity. Overall, Nice Job!

  2. This is a good story Millie! I like how you gave a bunch of reasons of how your cat could get in the house. What would you do if your cat did have superpowers?

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