My dream with Matilda

I just about fell a sleep . … Once apon   a time there was me and Matilda we were going on an adventure .Of course we had to stop of at the library first and get books . About an hour later we are out and ready to start are adventure at the theme park.There are so many rides to go on. First  were going to go on the log flume … Wow that was amazing!We went on so many rides and we ate candyfloss and had a amazing time…I woke up that was a amazing dream. Wish i really was friends with Matilda.

2 thoughts on “My dream with Matilda”

  1. Hi Amelie

    Matilda sounds like a great person to be friends with if you get to have adventures like that! You have a lot of action in your story, next time try to have less happening and use the 100 words you have to describe these events in a little more detail.

    Miss T

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