My favourite thing

This thing I love going on at home.It can take me where ever downstairs in my house.I got it for my birthday it was my favourite present I’ve ever had.When I go on it part of it lights up. I love it when ever I’m bored I go on it.When my friends come round I answer the door on it.Or I go on it when my friends are at my house.It is very fast it goes up to 70 mph.It is very heavy.I ┬álove going on it my mum tells me to get of it at dinner you have to press a button to turn it off.

2 thoughts on “My favourite thing”

  1. Hi Aiden,
    I really liked how you included how fast your hover board goes. Did you know that if you practice enough you can do crazy stunts on a hover board? My dad has a hover board and I was once on it for about two to three hours, but then he took it away because I poured a glass of milk so he got worried. Why do you like your hover board so much? Also, next time you can add a little more details or juicy words.
    See Ya,
    Jackson in Illinois
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