It is always with me and I never let it go I think that is wonderful ,amazing and fun to have with me but my mum doesn’t I just think why did she get it for me .My mum is always trying to get it of me because apparently she thinks that it would have distracts me but I don’t think it does . All my sisters have one but there’s is not a very nice colour there’s a tirifick and horrible mine is the best when it comes to school work she hates me having it and me and my mum get in a argument about it because I’m always on it and don’t get my homework in on time.


2 thoughts on “MY FAVOURITE THING.”

  1. If it is a phone I have one too. What do you do on it? I like how you described with adding how your mom doesn’t like it.

  2. Hi Poppy!
    Thank you for sharing your piece with the world. I loved that you described it a different way than how it looks. Did you know that most schools in the U.S have banned fidget toys in school, is this the same in your school? Something that you could do in the next piece is you can add more details about it.
    Happy writing’s,
    From Sidney in Illinois,U.S.A

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