My favourite toy

She sits in my bedroom all day.She  is my favourite toy to cuddle when I am sad,lonely and upset.When I was just born my mum,sister and my dad gave it too me.She is very fluffy,cute and the best waiting  for me when I come home I love her so much to the moon and back she is my world I would never forget.Its precious to me because when I was born it’s a cheerful,tearful and happy memory to keep until I’m older . I love her and will never leave her and when I’m older I will still keep her .

The end

2 thoughts on “My favourite toy”

  1. hi Amila
    I loved how you used such descriptive words it actually made me figure out what your favorite item is! but something that you could work on next time is spelling correctly. did you know my favorite item is something that was given to me when i was young and i have kept it since now kind of like you with your treasured item, that is something that we already have in common! well, i love your writing keep it up!
    HAPPY WRITING , Aubrey in Illinois
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