My Magical Puppy!

The summer holidays has arrived for me Laura which I am dreading.The first reason is I have to put up my broken leg and my two best friends are going on holiday with each other.Here
I am sitting on this bench waiting for my mum when…Bright sparks surround me I get blinded for a minute.All of a sudden a cute spaniel appears right in front of me.”Hello” said the spaniel.Is this true a cute brown spaniel with hazel eyes.”Yes it is true my name Cloud and I need to hide back in my world spies are out to get me.A week passed I’m having the best time with Cloud today I’m getting my cast of yay!Oh mum it’s going to be ages till we go in “why don’t you go outside and have a wander”.Said mum.All of a sudden Cloud started getting very timid and shaky. By Laura it’s been nice meeting you but I have to go.

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