My Precious Thing!

They squile at me when they are hungry. They are furry and very cute. I love them very dearly and pick them up when they are outside. My parents think they are creepy but I don’t. There are two of them and they live at home in a hutch and run. They are very small and one is really furry and likes to cuddle and is called Jenny and the other one is furry but is a bit shy because we only got her a couple of months ago and is called Luciana. They are both very sweet,cute,fun girls.

1 thought on “My Precious Thing!”

  1. hi nia!

    i really liked your piece. i think jenny and furry are dogs. i have a question who does jenny and furry love to cuddle the most with? i have another question what type of breeds are jenny and furry? why do your parents think its creepy when they go outside? what is your favorite thing to do with your dogs?

    caden in Illinois

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