My Red Dragon

I have a red dragon. His name is Porcupine (Porky for short).Porky sits on my desk at school. He has a super hero power that he is invisible and only I can see him! As much as I love him he is so cheeky at school. Today was a whole new level. He was so naughty I had to stay in at break for something HE had done. He flew over Mr Murphy’s head with my water bottle under his wing. I ran over to him and got hold of my water bottle but it was too late, Porky had  unscrewed the lid and before I knew it Mr Murphy was soaked. Sorry Mr Murphy. 😬😬

2 thoughts on “My Red Dragon”

  1. Loved reading this little adventure. Through your creative writing I could visualise what happened! I can’t wait to hear what he has done today. Mum x

  2. I enjoyed that Millie. I’m impressed you did some writing in your own time too. Sometimes, in class, things happen and the teacher doesn’t quite get to the bottom of exactly what went on – this sounds like one of those. I’ll keep my eye on Porky!

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