My secret belonging

<My secret belonging is blue and white you can turn the screen on and fiddle with it and you can play games on it I play plane games on it it,s very important to me so if I loose it I kan aske my my to go on a tracker to track it down you might see me playing on it allot if I’m asked to put it down I put it down other wise I will get a consequence I’ll always want to play on my games but I can’t play on it all the time and in my free time I play on my ps 4 I still me times play whith my brother and his also play whith my nan

3 thoughts on “My secret belonging”

  1. Hi Tobias,
    I really liked your descriptive words. I think your item is and i-pad of a phone. A lot of people have an electronic and don’t want to give it up at times. I saw that some of the words were doubled also some of the words where spelled wrong also your paragraph was one long sentence. What is your favorite game.

    Happy writing. Check out my blog.
    From, Addison in Illinois.

    1. Hi Tobias,
      I really liked how detailed your explaining was and how you made it really hard to figure out what was your mystery object. I also liked how you said other things you did. But I didn’t know what your object was.

  2. Hi Tobias! I’m Danny. I love how you used good descriptive words in your writing. Keep up the good work!

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