My secret clues;)

There always on my head. They can be any colour you want mine are gold. They are very comfy to wear. I had wore them from when i was two years old. I love them so much. Their easy sometimes to lose because their small. I won’t reveal the name of it. I really worried if they get lost. And that is it for the clUes.

2 thoughts on “My secret clues;)”

  1. Hi Nika,
    I really liked how you gave different description in each sentience. I also like how you considered other people in your writing. In my piece, I had something that I have with me every day also. Did you know that my writing is in the same format. One thing you can do to make your piece better is NTSSWTSW that means no two sentences start with the same word.
    Happy Writing!
    Mariah in Illinois Check out my blog

    1. Hi Nika,
      I am going to guess a beanie? I am from Southern California in the United States, so we don’t wear beanies too often. Do you have many beanies? Are you allowed to keep them on in the classroom?
      Mrs. Kimball (Team 100)
      AEWright Middle School
      Calabasas, CA

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