My something

It lives at my house and is soft as can be . A cute smiley face which often joins me .  I have had it since 2008( when I was 0)I still have it now . It is always right next to me when I go to bed . My great auntie bought it for me the day after I was born as a present that I have kept and will keep forever . It will come on all the journeys I go on . It is something that never bothers me it makes me feel happy looking at it . It cheers me up to see it and it is a lovely thing to have .

2 thoughts on “My something”

  1. Hi Alfle
    I really like your post I think it is spelled very good. And your And your capitalization and punctuation.
    But it is very hard almost impossible to know what your item is. And no two sentences start with the same word or NTSSWTSW. And you didn’t describe all five ways as to describe as they said.

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