!My world!

Once upon a time , in the land of my own everything was how I wanted it.All grass was lime green ,all sky was crystal blue ,all water was aqua blue and it never rained .Red snakes were cep’t in cages .You had to cycle everywhere or rid a limo. Before bed you had to take your clock of the wall. Everyone had a pet polar bear and there own dolphin. And every street you walked down there was a kitty cafe.

!This is my world!

3 thoughts on “!My world!”

  1. Hi Amy! I really enjoyed your post. I like the amount of creativity you entered into your post. I also like your good ideas for a perfect world. There are a few spelling errors in the story like ride you spelled it rid. There was also kept which you spelled c’ept. If you try to not use “and” at the start of a new sentence it will flow better with your story. Overall Nice Job! If you fix those mistakes this will be a masterpiece. I think I might nominate it.

  2. Nice job, Amy! I love how you used the prompt in a great story. I like how you started your story, it really makes me want to read it. What a creative world.

  3. Hi Amy,
    I love your piece I love all of the details you put in. something that I can connect to you about is I wish I lived in my own world with everything I wanted. Some information that I can share with you is that I also did this prompt. something that I am wondering is why do you have to take your clocks down before you go to bed ? I love your writing keep it up!
    HAPPY WRITING By Aubrey in Illinois.

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