The mysterious light bulb

One day I was having a stroll as my usual self and I came across this weird light bulb,I’ve already seen it though because it’s been sitting there for months,there was suitcases next to it as well,I still remember when they weren’t there but why is it on this dirty,giant path… Well i better just walk past it. “Hmm hmm him hm hmm” I hummed. SUDDENLY OUT OF NO WERE THE LIGHT BULB ALMOST CRASHED ON ME!!! “Why on earth would that happen NOW!” I shouted. But this mysterious jewellery burst out of it weird huh? It also tumbled the suitcases on to each other… also weird huh? I just stood there… I just stared at the broken top… But who what’d shove a bunch of jewellery in a light bulb what would fall over now? what could I do about this? WHAT WILL HE DO NOW? WHAT WILL HE DO TO FIX THIS? FIND OUT IN PART 2!!!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “The mysterious light bulb”

  1. Well done Max. I wonder what does happen in part two. I also wonder who would put jewellery in that lightbulb.

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