Naughty Daughter

One day there was a dog its name was  Sid.Sid  always like to dress up. And also like to go under his  owners clothes and when they picked them up Sid was is in there  and they thought it was annoying but there daughter  Holly didnt.’ Holly got Sid into the habit of  doing it . So the next day it happened  to Holly and she didn’t like it.I for got to say she Holly had a brother  his name was Toby and  Toby said “haha  you derserve it ” .So that day, Holly put Sid in glasses and put him on Tobys chest  rislt he was asleep and when Toby  woke up because Sid was snoring so he woke up and Toby shouted  “look Sid is wearing glasses and so Holly was in big trouble because he told of her becaus he knew it was her and Holly said” but Toby was being mean” but her dad  didn’t exseped  it so on that day fawards Holly didn’t put Sid in outfits because she didn’t like being told of so she learnt from her mistakes .