Nerdy Dog’s Adventures *PART 1*

Nerdy Dog was a dog that lived on the Adventure Playground because he always wanted to be on a adventure. Well that’s what he thought anyways! One day when the Adventure Playground finally opened to the children he was noticed! Nerdy Dog ran for his life and the dog was wearing glasses so they flew off his face making him skid across the mud! As Nerdy Dog stopped he ran back to his glasses but the kids were standing in front of them making amazed noises! As Nerdy Dog looked trying to find a place to squeeze through to get his glasses the kids grabbed Nerdy Dog as he wriggled to try a get away! The kids dropped him as he bit one of their arms! He ran away back to his glasses and back to his hiding spot in the Long Grass.

The End….

One thought on “Nerdy Dog’s Adventures *PART 1*”

  1. I love your choice of name for the dog . Now I want to know what will happen next ? Who is his owner ,or is he a homeless dog ? Why is Nerdy wearing glasses.? I am looking forward to reading the next chapter in the life of your creation,Nerdy Dog.

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