The New Class Toy And Pet

It was a normal Tuesday at school and we were in a English lesson when there was a “crash”! It was a parcel. Mrs Red opened the parcel but she opened it before we came in at break so we didn’t know what it was. When we came in at break it was about 6 minutes past 8  on our clock.  Mrs Red asked us if we noticed anything that was different and I noticed that there was a hamster and a  snake toy. I told the teacher and she said that I was allowed to take the new class toy and  pet home. I cycled home.

4 thoughts on “The New Class Toy And Pet”

  1. Hi Nia!

    Your story was really creative this week. Every story I looked at was about the snake specifically, including mine, but yours is much different. I like how the prompt words were obvious, as they were italicized. I think you did an awesome job, and I am also going to try and nominate you for the showcase.

    -Maya S.

  2. Hi Nia!
    I loved your piece and how much detail you added. I have one question, what does parcel mean and what does “I cycled home.” mean. Otherwise, your piece was good. I didn’t really get what the story was about. In my blog, I had a person named Mrs. Red, too!
    From Bo in illinois

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