New Years Eve

Hi,my name is Lola and I have a pet fish called Charlie .It is currently 10 minutes before the midnight fireworks on the television but we are babysitting my baby cousin so we have to be quiet and try not to wake the baby.Oh and by the way my baby cousins name is Joshua.10 minutes later….. Hey now we are just counting down for the pretty fireworks I’m so excited.In the begging I lost my fish just before I started this story now I’m a little bit upset anyway I have to go to sleep it’s 00:00 night everyone.In the morning … Hi I just woke up I’m at my house still last night was the best night ever I’m going to do another part 1 soon ,bye.

One thought on “New Years Eve”

  1. Hi Amelia D! Lovely story and also well done for the punctuation!

    But actually I love all of your stories it reminds me of things and funny things.

    From Reena R!

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