New York!!!

Hi my name is Katie and this is my story of New York how I see the world. I went New York  I decided to live there but it is still great,today is valentines day yay I got red roses and before I could go out to walk in the park I opened my door and there were so much presents everybody waited outside for me to get their present out and open it every minute I see whole stack of presents under my door. In the morning I went to cycle I got a toy snake and  the time was 12:00.

3 thoughts on “New York!!!”

  1. I liked your story a lot with New York. Just make sure to use proper grammar, but the thought was great!

  2. Hi Nika, I loved you story so much it was very happy and enlightening and made me smile. I would love to a bunch of presents like you character. Is Valentines your favorite holiday? mine is Halloween! By the way you accidentally forgot to use the word “before” but its okay. Have you ever been to new york I have not but it sounds like a pretty place. you had a great story Nika please come read mine. Cecilia in Illinois

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