New Zealand!

One day, I went to New Zealand my Mum, Dad and my sister Sienna. My Brother Ben, had to stay at home and feed our 35 pets. Well he didn’t need to feed 6 of them because they eat the algae off of the rocks. When we got there we didn’t stay in a hotel we stayed in a camper van for 3 weeks ( 21 days). Me and my sister saw a snake outside our camper van. So we left and went to the camper van. Then we played a game we were describing the snake first I said “red”, then Sienna couldn’t think of a word so I one.On my birthday we all saw dolphins.

One thought on “New Zealand!”

  1. Dear Amelia,

    Wow! It must’ve been a great trip! Did you see anything spectacular? Do you have 35 pets? If so, can you tell me what kinds you have? Your story was amazing, but I could see that you had just a few errors. You missed some punctuation, and I think you meant won, instead of one, which is in the second to last sentence. Other than those, you did amazing!

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