No that is MINE!!!

My mum is a very cool mum she would take anything that is cool from me, we went to the fair and all she done was win all things. I was getting  very left out I told her but she just said” adults just want to have fun again”. I went up to my room and read a book it said “ in the beginning “. It was the next day when the sun came my mum was taking my very special teddy I shot up and said “ no that is MINE” she stopped and said “ I’m sorry I should be normal come on this way” I went with her and there a normal house paint furniture and pictures it was unbelievable then we lived a normal life with my normal mum.

2 thoughts on “No that is MINE!!!”

  1. Hi Nicola amazing post! would you rather have a cool mum or live a normal life i would live a normal life anyway great posts!!

  2. Hi Nicola! Great job on your post and incorporating the prompt in it. I couldn’t find any mistakes. Keep up the good work!

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