no way to get out!!!!!!!!

One day their lived  a boy called Jay. Jay lied with his mum and dad in the forest they never got to go out of their house because there was a tiger’s out the door they did not know where they came from they just wanted to get Jay his mum and his dad. We never tried to run because the first time we did it the tiger jumped at  Jay’s dad and almost bit his hand of after that happened they just got back to the house and shut the door and locked it and that was five years ago all those years his mum and dad have been trying to make armour so they can get past the tigers his mum and dad finally made the armour  so they all got their armour on and ran away.

One thought on “no way to get out!!!!!!!!”

  1. Good Job! I really liked how you made the story into an action scene and the the family had to get a narrow escape. One way I think you could improve is to use more punctuation. Besides that, I really enjoyed reading your story.

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