Oh Mr Goldfish

A man once said goldfish are as special as anything.There once was a boy called Callum and he had a pet Goldfish, his name was Mr Goldfish and Callum thought he was very intelligent. One day Callum was about to go to school when he saw a tiny little ladder and decided to put it in the fish bowl.When he got back from school he saw Mr Goldfish climbing up the ladder he quickly flew down stairs and got his camera.It slowly printed out and at the next day he showed everyone in his class. everybody seemed to like it.

One thought on “Oh Mr Goldfish”

  1. Hello Matthew, I really liked your story, particularly the part where you saw Mr Goldfish climbing up the ladder. It put a smile on my face and made me think, “Gee, this is a very intelligent goldfish”. I loved the way you ran off to capture the image on your camera, too.

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