“Oh, no…”

That was the first bad sign… PINK DAFFODILS! Yup, you read that right, pink daffodils, it was funny at first but now it’s not, Humf… what kind of  town has pink daff-, oh, great, now the HUGE bridge is being sprinkled with, ARRGGHHH, turquoise chewing gum!! I’d better go and stop them readers, so bare with me for a second! “Hey, what on EARTH are you doing!” “Errrm, sprinkling turquoise chewing gum on the bridge.” “YES, I CAN SEE THAT, BUT WHY!!!!!” I shout “W-e-el-l it’s t-he l-l-lat-e-st f-fa-d, a-nd  so i-s pai-nt-i-ng  d-d-dafodils pink!” Uh, oh… I’d better call this off, see you guys later!