the spy who broke into my house…

Once upon a time there was just a normal  boy called Sam until one day he got robbed.  While Sam was going to biggleswade he was eating a sandwich he bit into the sandwich and there was a battery in it.  It made him very enegetic all he saw was white.  So his mum and dad stopped the car and he ran away so they got out the car and hurried.  When Sam got back a window was smashed his mum and dad called the police.  The police came and said a spy had put the battery in the sandwich to make him enegetic.


Guns were shooting and bullets were flying across my face, as I ran for dear life.My mate Ben was right behind me and he had just been shot in the leg, I reached into my backpack and grabbed a medical kit and hid behind a bush to bandage it up all around his leg. I carried him to the truck and carefully put him in the back, as I was driving the window next to me shattered as it was shot…………………AND THEN ME as it was heaven was beautiful but I still couldn’t  stop thinking about Ben and his leg.

Creepy Village

One day there were two men. They decided to go to the woods for a fishing trip and go and explore. They packed a picnic and got into the car. “Have you got your licence to get down to the woods?” asked Danny.                               “Yes I remembered it this time,” said Alex. So they set off in their car and Alex drove down to the woods. When they got there, Danny…

Creepy Village

One day there were two men named Danny and Alex. They were best friends and they went nearly everywhere together. This time they decided to go to the woods to go fishing and exploring.  They packed a lunch and got in the car. Alex drove them to the woods and when they got there Danny showed the man his licence to get into the private woods. The man gave the pass back to Danny and the barrier lifted so Alex could drive through. When Alex found a parking space they got out of the car and got all of their gear.