The day the circus came to town

One day at 7:00am Esme was awake. She ran down stairs eager to start her breakfast and get changed for the day as, Esme was going to watch the circus show with her aunt Susan. “Morning”, says Esme’s mum.                        “Morning”, says Esme. Esme gobbled down her breakfast of cornflakes and managed to spill some down herself. Esme’s mum laughed and said “Oh Esme what am I going to do with you”. Go and get changed or you will be late. Later that day aunt Susan and Esme were at the circus tent. “So what lies ahead of the curtains do you think”, says aunt Susan.                   “I don’t know”, says Esme.


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THE SWORD OF DOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One day at around 7:00pm a 9 year old boy ran to london and his name was zoomy he had herd that the sword of doom was ther he said to himself so what lies ahead of my jouerny. so in the moning he started looking but that thock 12 years to find the map to THE SWORD OF DOOM!

The Haunted School

One time we left our old school because there was sighting of ghost’s in the gallarey, the old boys toilets and the old maths room, the people who spotted these weird creatures was the teachers so we had to move out, it what almost the end of the day. It took almost an hour to get there. When we got there it was well far away form are homes and took hours to get back. When i got home…”how was our day?” my mum askes me. “awful…we had to move to another school witch took hours to get to.” “aww… its okey.” i wanted to go out so i did. I was going to the abandoned school i wasn’t going on my own’i was going with my friend. We made it…”are you sure this is a good idea?” said harry. ” of course it is” i said. we walked up the stepes, we opened the door…”AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!” “dude theres nothing there” i said. We walked inside and closed the doors to make sure nobody catches us, and we have a look around the place, old walls cobwebs “how can this place get so old even though we only left this place 10 hours ago” i said. “AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” harry screamed. “IM COMING HARRY!”. We saw it… a ghost we had our mouthes were wide open. “§§aisjnbhusuw82$±0—-.” “w…wa?. It disaped. Later on we found a note in the gallarey saying “_____________________________________”

we left….. we didn’t want to do this any more.



How Did A Giraffe Get Its Long Neck

There was once a giraffe with a short neck. Her name was Lucy and she has two friends called Chloe the hippo and Ellie the elephant. They were playing in the garden with the ball and then they found a hole a big hole that all of them could fit in. So they all went in without a torch. “what do you think that lies ahead of this big rock,”asked Lucy. “shall we get out of here,”said Chloe.”I want some honey,”said Lucy. So Lucy went of to get some honey. She stuck her head in and had some honey and then realised her head was stuck. Her friends came and pulled and pulled and pulled. Suddenly Lucy’s head popped out. Thats how a giraffe got its long neck.

Creepy woods

Whilst I was walking though the scary, worrying creepy woods.Just then, it starred to rain I was I in trobble  so I ran back home .Sudenly I  lost my way home and it really started to rain  I got my phone out of my pocket and I had no servise I was thinking in my head what am I going to do and then things just got a lot worse.My phone ran out of charge and my mum was wondering where I was . Then it stopped raining so I cared on walking then I came to a place that has four ways to go and I chanced it and went right .Next the was a big mantion my heart was pownging so fast and I closed my eyes and I was home it was like a mystery .