My parents told me that I had to stay in the living room whilst they go to the cinema so I did and it was the most lonely that I have ever been. I am still watching television when I hear a strange noise I break the rules and look outside of the room aah it’s a kidnapper I quickly escape out of the window and run to the cinema to find my parents.

Midnight Horror

One night in High Street, in a house was a girl called Eva and she was still awake eating a sandwich and watching on her own TV, she was watching a killer 🤡 movie then when she had finished her sandwich she jumped into bed.

In the night she dreamt that she was a 🦋 and that she  had lots of friends but when she fell into a deep 😴 a strange man broke in through the window and took her.

Then she woke up in a prison and didn’t know what happened?

The lonely girl

The bored ,fed up girl sat in her dark,empty living room.Nothing was there accept a small,old fashioned television.The only light was from the televison and it revealed the pretty wallpaper that sat quetly behind her.Nobody knew where she was except from her.At least she has a scrumptious lettuce and tomato sandwich on a old China plate.

The unhappy girl

There once was an unhappy girl.But you won’t believe how her life works.She lives in the seller and has no food or water.Just a pitch black TV the only food she had was just an old jam sandwich and a mouldy old apple. not even a blanket the house was all mouldy and the floor boards. were wreck and the girl had know friends and the girl had know friends at all.

The lonely girl

I was in the attic by myself eating my dinner.It was creepy and really  dark,   so I got the tv and put on the only show that was on which was tennis. The tv made a little light around me as I watch it. It is so boring and I had finished my tea so I go downstairs and put it away because my parents are on holiday. I go back upstairs and carry on watching tv.