Good day turned to bad

I woke up to another day of adventures with my best friends Amy and Annabel and guess what it’s snowing.The snow is like a enchanted magical world.I got dressed as quick as I can and went to get Amy and Annabel.We all went to the magical forest that had tall ,skinny trees the weather was bitter but freashing.We where half way into the woods when the buetiful big flakes of snow disappeared and turned into dull rain.As the weather changed,are happy smiling faces changed into dull soggy faces. The snow was turning to slush.We all said goodbye to each other and went inside.Maybe the crisp magical snow will come back again.

the lost sister

One day my mum and dad went to the cinema and it was just me and my 2 year old sister and so I went and read in my room for an hour and when I came back down my sister was gone. So I looked in every room, but all I could find was a broom I looked and looked but just went back to my book.But then I realised what I did so I went round the whole street and asked every house and all of them said no then I went back and found her drawing on walls.

Thunderstorm in the woods

Yesterday me and my friends are going camping in the woods. In the middle of the night there was a thunder storm. All of us couldn’t get to. Sleep so we tried and tried but as the wether changed, they where scared. So the was starting to where of but that didn’t stop us from camping. So we where starting to get a bit bored so we start to trail our 10 hour journey back home wicth will even we more boring. In the can I was talking to myself, BORING, BORING, BORING. Then I started to play on my iPad.

The Frightening Thunderstorm

As the weather changed ,they ran for the house and made it before the blast of rain got them. Tom and Peter, who are very close brothers, were out in the rain playing football before it started to thunder. Tom sat by the window watching the rain scream down the solid glass. “Why does it have to rain on a Saturday, Moaned Peter. “Because it just does, and if it does then it does”,Said Tom sick of complaints.”Ok carm down”, Said Peter. Tom carried on peeping out the window to see if the sudden down pour had stopped, but no it seemed like it would never stop…