The Diary Of Nia’s Adventures

Hi, my name is Emily and I am here to tell a story about one of my adventures. Ok so one day I was awoken by a load of bagging noises. I went outside and saw that one of my friends was throwing stones at my window. ‘WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING THROWING STONES AT MY WINDOW? COME HERE NOW!’i shouted and my friend had to shush me. But apparently we had someone to save. I went to my shed and got out my bike and my mums. Me and my friend got on the bikes. My bike was a pinky-bluey colour. We drove past a lake but I fell in and got completely drenched.

Henry’s very strange adventure!

One day there was a boy walking in the Autumn leaves. This boy was wearing grey boots,navy jeans and a black jacket. The boy’s name was Henry Shepard. Henry was playing in the water when suddenly he fell into the river behind him. This was very strange for Henry as it wouldn’t let him back up to the surface and he could breathe under water. Then Henry realised that this was a very deep river and he was being pulled along by a piece of rope that an under water ship was tugging. Then Henry knew what was happening!

Henry’s strange adventure! (2)

Henry realised that a couple of years back in his life this horrible witch put a curse on him. This curse was that n 2013 Henry would go for a walk in the park and fall into a river and be pulled down to the witches dark under water castle.


A few minutes later Henry found himself in the hall of the witches castle. At the end of the hall sat the dark witch herself in her black shell throne. “Hello Henry dear,” said the dark witch, “How lovely to see you again.” “What do you want with me,” asked Henry?


One day I was walking near a lake, it was very large and it had a bench next to it. So I went to sit on that bench! As I sat down I stared down into the water, as I peered down I saw tiny fish swimming along in large groups. I placed my backpack down beside me and reached in to get a sandwich. Once I got my sandwich out I teared open the packaging and bent down to take a huge bite! As I scoffed down the sandwich I glanced up to see a bunch of girls from my school giggling and snorting behind me! I looked up in shock not thinking that they were planning and whispering something and shot up as my sandwich fell in the lake. I stared back at it as I heard one of the girls snigger “Oh, why don’t you go get your sandwich, it’s where you belong *CHUCKLE*!”. I frowned in confusion. Then all the girls stepped back as they shot forwards nocking me down on to the grassy, muddy ground making my backpack go down with me! They leant over me as I finally got back on to my weak, wobbly legs. As they slowly stepped forward I staggered backwards onto the rim of the lake and because I was wearing bright green crocks my heels got soaked! They took one more giant leap and that is when I started to slip off the side then I tried to do a front flip over the girls but I ended up doing a back flip into the water! I leapt backwards into the cold, fish infested water, I landed in a handstand position. And I never saw daylight again.

the under water world

I was walking along the path and i tripped fell into the water and suddenly found my self in a under water world.When I opened my eyes and saw a beautiful… well at first I didn’t know what it was but then I realised it was a colourful girl with a nice scaly shiny purple tail.”It’s a mermaid”Ben tried to shout but knew nobody would hear him.Ben looked around and saw lots of different shops,houses and even schools where mer children learn.Ben thought hard and decided to get out of the water.Once he was out he realised he was dry…