Smart Barker

There was once a dog named Sausage (named after the food he likes best). Sausage was a small thin dog and was white with black spots. He looked big but really it was just fur. His owner was Professor Jenkins (from the last story, Professor Jenkins), he made toys for his dog, when ever he wanted. He wore glasses, smart navy blue trousers, a stripy blue and grey shirt and a dark red tie. His glasses were magic, they made him as smart as he was.

One sunny day, Sausage and his owner were out on a walk in a park nearby. When suddenly the sun went in a started to rain very hard. They started to run back. Unexpectedly, a strong wind blew his owner’s glasses off and Sausage went to pick them up. He picked them up and the dog was wearing glasses. Then suddenly, he started talking. The glasses had made him smart!


To be continued.

The Cra-z Dog

Once upon a time there was a dog called Ruffus now he was a strange dog indeed, lots of people always took notice of him because he wore CLOTHES! He was obviously had a lot of attention on him so one day he wore glasses. A boy turned round and said “Mummy the dog is wearing clothes and the dog is wearing glasses” and that was it everyone burst out laughing so the dog stopped wearing clothes and began acting like a normal dog and people did not laugh at him anymore it was great! So he was happy! YAY!

The terrible storm

Oh hi there my name is Annie and I have a dog and her name is Molly listen to this story about a storm .

One evening Annie was walking her dog around the neighborhood and she bumped into her best friend Katie .She  felt surprised because the last time she saw her was when she was 4 years old now she’s 25.So she was on her way home until she heard thunder so she started running and she hid under a tree she thought it was a safe place  to hide   until thunder struck the top of the tree and nearly killed her .But she made it home .From that  day on she will never forget the moment she nearly got killed.

Nerdy Dog’s Adventures *PART 1*

Nerdy Dog was a dog that lived on the Adventure Playground because he always wanted to be on a adventure. Well that’s what he thought anyways! One day when the Adventure Playground finally opened to the children he was noticed! Nerdy Dog ran for his life and the dog was wearing glasses so they flew off his face making him skid across the mud! As Nerdy Dog stopped he ran back to his glasses but the kids were standing in front of them making amazed noises! As Nerdy Dog looked trying to find a place to squeeze through to get his glasses the kids grabbed Nerdy Dog as he wriggled to try a get away! The kids dropped him as he bit one of their arms! He ran away back to his glasses and back to his hiding spot in the Long Grass.

The End….

The sloppy doggy


they was once a dog called  sloppy doggy  he lived in a bog  every  one loved him . Sloppy doggy always wearing  sun glasses . One day he met  a girl dog  and had baby doggy  but his wife was really tidy. she told him to tidy up  and that was that but sloppy doggy did not tidy up his bog.So sloppy doggy's wife told him to tidy up his bog but sloppy doggy did not tidy up his bog. so she ran away! She was really angry and took her child.Slopppy doggy was sad and burried himself in his bog never to be seen again