Once there was a robot called ZIGGY. His favourite food is called peanut butter sandwich with electric. The person who made ZIGGY was called Jeff Robots.one day ZIGGY got brain washed and went outside in the dark he forgot his sandwich and then died until a lady came with a glove holding a penutbutter  electric sandwich she gave it to ZIGGY and ZIGGY ate the hole sandwich and revived and wasn’t brain washed and then went back home and found out it was Jeff Robots who brain washed ZIGGY. ZIGGY went to bed very sad because ZIGGY got brain washed.


The robotic visitor

Once upon a time there was a good robot from another world that came to visit earth. At first everyone was scared of him but after a while they got to know him. He even played with the local children he even helped the local police and museum. He moved from town to town all the robot needed was oil and a charger. He really enjoyed earth but he knew that one day he would have to leave earth. When that day come he said goodbye to earth and everything on it and returned to the world of robots called Roboworld.

Little life

“Are they coming yet,”said a little voice “No,”said another little voice. “Good lets go and get some berry so for are berry pie,”So they went now as the blue door slowly open a little and  two little elfs came out.They said some words which sounded a little like this”Icle pickle boo,” And surprisingly all the berrys on the tree were gone and they were now in the elfs pockets. “Ahh,” said one of the elfs ” humans “, Said the elfs  and if you want to know about elfs they are so scared of humans so if you ever see a elf hide.

The adventures of Oleg the meerkat book 1 🐵

Oleg the meerkat was a very brilliant,smart and small meerkat but in the beginning of his life he was found himself by Alexander’s mantion. But inside of the mantion is was a different story because Alexander was talking to Sergi his friend while they were setting up for a party and Alexander was saying” do you know why we don’t want to have a baby meerkat” yelled Alexander “I don’t know bro why” yelled Sergi. “Well they stop us from partying from 12:30pm to 9:30am”said Alexander ding dong  they both went to the door and then screamed at Oleg.

To be continued.🐵



These large hairy creatures are the things that give you your nightmares. I’m Chloe and I will be telling you about these horrid beasts. It all started around the 1700’s. A little girl who we will keep anonymous was sleeping one snowy night when she heard smashing and sliding coming from under her bed. Then she saw a pale green… monster reveal itself from under her bed, it grew larger and larger until it bent over with it’s back pressing hard against the roof. She let out a scream as the creature melt over and made a spell-casting movement. She fell asleep! She had a frightening nightmare that she couldn’t wake up from! That was the first sighting of the DreamGivers. The monsters haven’t been seen for a long ten years. But we still think they are out there, actually we know they are out there!