The storm

Last weekend I went on a picnic with my family.We packed everything on Saterday morning and went at 1:30pm . I gave a tea cup to my little sister and my mum and my dad and me. Then my little sis decided to through it on the floor. And it smashed of course. Once we had our picnic we went home and we left the broken tea cup. That night there was a storm. I felt sorry for the tea cup all alone in the terrible night sky! The next morning I went to the park again to see what had happened to the tea cup. I was massive. Was it just a dream

The Massive Cup

One day a boy name Jim was just walking along the small alleyway in the woods when suddenly heard the most loudest sound ever and then he heard it again BANG BANG BANG!!! He walked through the trees and spotted a massive cup and thought it was a house Jim didn't have a house because a storm came and his mum and dad died a their house got destroyed. He was so happy so he went back into the woods and got some leaves to keep warm. And then he saw a giant and started running and then he got eating because he was to slow.


The Huge Tea Cup

Once upon a time there was a boy called Timothy,Timothy and his friend were playing football. as Timothy was running his foot hit something really hard and he looked on the floor and saw a tea cup in the grass. They both noticed it was growing bigger and bigger by the second! And now it was so big they used it as a second goal. The next day mum told Timothy about the cup she said she had thrown it out, Timothy said “that’s impossible, how did it get dug into the ground like that?” and Timothy and my friend gasped.

The Lost Puppy Copy

Once there was a puppy who was very lost he had know idea  were he was. He looked around there was lots of trees more than he had ever seen. There were dark green trees and light green trees . He had no idea  how to get home and the last thing he remembered was him in his nice warm bed with his owner called Lucy rubbing his tummy. Anyway he was here now he sat down to get a drink out of the puddle that he was sitting in .He ran because he thought it was a treat but it was only a piece  of bark then he sat down and thought about so what lies a head of him now.

Disappointing but positive Copy

In the beginning I was disappointed but I bet I can think of a positive . It was raining so we could not go to the park but at leased I could play with my new bord game. When it was to late to go shopping to buy my toy with my money I could still play with my old toys. What’s the problem with that ? Do you ever get up set of giving up your toys to charity. I guess all I am trying to say is be grateful of what you get and were you are today because you are so lucky.