(the rising dead of ghosts)

One, day there was a boy and a girl the boy was called Tobias and Nicola we were at home At . 3:00 Am and we asked our mum if we could go shopping in town our mum, said all wright but you can only go out for 1hour and a half ok said me and Nicola we went to the sweet shop and bough marsh mellows and skittles 1 hour past midd night our mum was worried about us she had to call the police the police cars roared passed the ally way that we hiding in people walked by the cold dark ally way the people looked like ghosts to be continud

The light show on halloween

One day there was a girl called Annabelle and she was 22 years old.Today she was going to town at 8pm to see the lights come on .She met her friends  in Starbucks and they had a warm drink because it was really cold outside.At about 9pm the lights were on people were dancing on stages and it was great fun.But there was a problem Annabelle took a picture of the lights and these faint people appeared in a picture she found it really creepy  so she said to her friend  “Kacy i just took a picture of the lights and there was something not normal in it “so her best friend Kacy replied “Thats awkward we will leave town as fast as possible ok”.”Okay replied Annabelle lets go. So they all went to Kacy’s house and they zoomed in on the picture until Kacy saw  a faint couple passing by staring at them and they were scared after that night  this is what they said toghether “We are never ever going out the house on halloween ”     The End


one day there was a small ghost he with his mum and dad (which are also ghosts). They lived in a small wooden house just out side of London. when they needed food they went to the supermarket in the center of London and secretly stole some liquid food ( ghosts can’t eat solid food because they are not solid them selves) . One day when they went shopping they met another ghost called john which was experimenting with chemicals and trying to make a soldifing potion so that they were humans again and after a month of experimenting it worked. The first ghost who tryed it was him self and then it was the family’s turn and the all the ghosts got set some and the the ghosts which are now humans lived happily ever after

The invisible people

Once their was a girl called Chloe and she lived Paris.One day she decided to visit the most popular cake shop in the whole world! As she was walking through the bright majestic town she felt some think whizz past her hair”sorry” said a mysterious voice.Chloe stoped “who was that” said Chloe worriedly.The mysterious voice said back I am invisible.Chloe was amazed at what she heard she ran all the way home screeming she ran into the house up the stairs and hid under the covers of her comfey bed Chloe was so scared! She ran down stairs about every think that had happened but her mum didn’t believe her.



Once there was a grandad called Harry. He was not very good at  taking pictures. He tries  every night but when he takes a photo ghosts appear .Every night he gets a hart atack  the next day he went to the pub and got in a fight and got a noes bleed  and he went home and watched tv he watched  the news. he was on the news because he got in a fight for the last glass of gin and that was the last in the wold he went to bed at 5 o’clock. He went to to town  it was in China  and he went in a pub and got in a fight again.