me and my brother

So this is the story of me and my brothers arguments but the most important part is the peace , so here it goes sometimes me and brother can get along really well but sometimes we can do otherwise so now this part is good because this part is the part that the peace kicks in so here it is  me and my brother are normally very nice and peaceful to each other and the important part is that we respect each other .I hate to say it but some times we can have fights and a little bit rarely arguments 

The Pony Argument

I was at the stables were my pony was  as I jumped out  the car I ran over to  Sugar then I saw someone  in the stable grooming Sugar it was Ella the girl who always interfered with Sugar”WHY ARE YOU GROOMING MY PONY ” I screamed ”OK,no need to shout ”she said ”I was only helping” then she threw the body brush to the floor as I moved over to Sugar  he gave a whinny of delight after I groomed Sugar I went over to the shed to eat my lunch then Ella came out and said ”let’s make peace”.

My New Friend

One sunny morning I was eating my breakfast .After I finished my breakfast I went back upstairs to get dressed.Onese I came out of my room I heard a small vosie .So I looked everywhere then under the sother I sore a little girl called Sophie. She was very kind and nice to me.We went on a trip to the seaside to exsplor it was fun.We also went to exsplor an igloo in a very could plase we had lots of fun in the igloo we also sore some penguins. Then we came home to go to bed night Sophie. 


”WOW you are so tall” I said to the BFG  ”Also where are we going today” I said to him ”You will see”the BFG replied. We where walking down a little path throw a  field with no one around. ”PLEASE tell me where we are going” ”We are going to a forest” said the BFG ”wich forest where” i shouted ”This forest hear” the BFG whispered ” Why are you whispering” i said ”Because there are hunters that hunt me down but i can do any thing because my home is down hear and ow bang the BFG and there was no more of the BFG



My Dream With Matilda

I was falling to sleep in my cosy bed.I fell to sleep and I had the most wonderful dream ever. My dream was with Matilda was about… One day it was a normal school day and we had been learning about some rare plants. I  said to my friend Matilda at break ”lets go and find theses rare plants there all talking about, they’re never been found before.”We crept over the fence and jogged into the woods! ”Lets have a walk around” ,I said . We looked and we looked and and I found them the brown flowers. Matilda we’re lost…