The Stone Museum

My mum tells me to get dressed for ‘family adventure time’,really I didn’t  want to go(but sadly I had no choice).Finally I am ready and we go off to the National Stone Museum.As we walk in a kind, young man comes and offers us a rock cake(get it rock in the stone museum).As we go on to the world war part of the museum we find two stone soldiers stuck inside a wall!I t was as if they had walked straight into the wall and it had sucked them in (gran fancied one of the soldiers).

The Museum

One winter’s day I was going on a school trip (yay).I said to the teacher “where are we going for our trip?” “To the museum “At the museum there were:                                                    swords ,statues and many more.We saw this weird looking statue it was called walking through the wall.It was amazing

To be contiuned

School Trip!

”Is everybody ready” hissed miss Jordan. ”Yes” they shouted back the bus is waiting outside. everybody got on the bus and ate there lunch. They finally got to the museum there were mummies , muscles, bones and much more. Finally,  we got to the paintings there was a grey and white painting. There was two children called Olivia and Cora going into a wall. it was very facanating they were made of stone but looked like ghosts. we all got back on the bus and went back home and i had a warm, bubbly bath then i got into bed.

Am I a Spirit Now

Tony was on his knees weeping about his fathers death. He looked up to the midnight sky and prayed to see his father one more time. That night he stared long and hard into a random wall, “Would he come back to me,”Tony thought. Then he was shocked! A strange figure, which looked like he was made of stone, walked out of the solid wall and said wisely,      “Son come with me, be a spirit with me.” Tony thought about being with his beloved dad and he knew what the answer was. He took his fathers hand and walked into the wall. They weren’t ever seen again!



the warehouse!

“RUN!” That was all I could say. “I cant” my friend said. the creepy one eyed ghost of shadows. Let me explain. “So what are we doing today then” asked Bethany. “I don’t know haw about we go to the warehouse?” I asked. “Ok but don’t tell me of if I shout” she said. As we walked through the dark and creepy ware house we saw a couple of humans painted in to the wall they walked out and that is ware we started in the house running but when Bethany ran her flip flop fell of. 

to be continued……..