to Ryan from white crayon /green now

Hi Ryan its your old friend white crayon, well thats what I used to be until your dad sat on me and did a big fart it turned me green . when ever you culler with me now which me all that comes of is green dust could you please give me a wash from your stinky friend fart crayon p.s can you come get me from under you’re bed please.


Dear Freya,

This is Floppy. You left me at a shop at Disney land Paris I am near the other teddys. By the way I want you to by some friends. I found an other teddy you left hear a £1000. Why do we not live hear it is so so fun. Any way remember l found £1000! Please please please. If not can we go there every day? I have red all the rolcosters there and there not fun any more. A kid kept standing on me and l have been hear for nearly 2 years.”uhhh.” Hurry up and you will catch the 2:00 train.

By the pritty pink bunny, Floppy. ?

The day that the postcard came back

One  day, a letter came in the post saying. “Hi their Alice do you remember me I was your friend the one that you left when we went on holiday you left me on the plane I am almost home now I have been through blistering wind and scorching deserts and now I am in a cold forest do you still love me?your desist friend Amy. Then another letter came it said.hi there my name is Alissa  do you remember me I was a doll I am stuck in a sock please can you come and get me out this blue as the ocean stinky sock I have a good tecneek of swimming ,but I have to hold my breath for ages please come and get me your friend Alissa. So I went to get Alissa after, I got her there was a nock on the door it was Alice we were all happy to see each other we played together and we got tired out so we went to bed and we stuck together just like glue.

The day the water bottle came back

Dear Kate,

If you don’t rember me I am Walter water bottle your favourite bottle.I loved coming to school with you and every body saying how pretty I was.I thought I was pretty till Wendy came a long and dressed herself in glitter.So please get me out I thought I was your favourite.

Your sincerely,

Your least favourite bottle Walter Continue reading “The day the water bottle came back”

Long gone Jon

Dear lego shop in town,

Its me the giant lego man called jon. You left me in your old shop I’m still here in b&m. I’m questing you’ve got a new bid lego figure,people use to have photos with me and sit on me or hug ?me don’t you love me. Everyone keeps looking at me through the window please can you move me to your knew shop.

From your lonely friend Jon.