MR fox

Well what are we having dear said MR fox ? A chicken said his wife . A chicken it is said Mr fox and he dug and dug and dug and then he found some more tuneles . Which way is it wailed Mr fox . Just then a mole came up to him are you lost asked the mole yes whiped Mr fox I got lost and now I cant get back . I know the way back said the mole you do cheered Mr fox yes said the mole can I come as well of corse said Mr fox . Im back  THE END

Freya’s Adventure With Matilda!

Once there lived a girl called Freya and a girl called Matilda. They were best friends. One day they got really bord so they decided they would go on a advencher. They walked and walked and finally .They araved there it was a dark gloomy castle.Freya sead” where are we”.Matilda sead “we are at my unckles”.He a dark man i am going to spy on him. Suddenly rip out a knife from his and killed Matilda’s mum.Matilda qickly called the pliose Matilda crid and crid her unckle whent to jale. Matilda whent home and finaly cheard up.Freya was very confused.

My Awesome Adventure with Matilda

One day i was watching t.v and then suddenly, i saw Matilda on movies so i pressed the channel and then Matilda was on the screen and she said can you please help me and then i said yes so she sucked me into the screen and i found myself in a very strainge world and it was all weard and strangh so i had a look around and then i saw Matilda so i ran over there and i said whats the problem and then i helped her solve her problenand then i went back home and watched t.v.

The BFG Dreams

One day there was a giant named the BFG he gave amazing dreams to the children of London. He was as fast as Usain Bolt giving out dreams.One day the BFG accalldentley put the dream on him. He fell right asleep and dreampt  a bad dream. but then suddenly the other giant of giant contry (where the giants live)came in. They took him into one of there hut an waited for him to wake up.when he woke up the giants interagated him. It was about who they have see him running of at night. The BFG was scared. THE END