Hi I’m Harriet part two

This is part two of hi I’m Harriet.

What I eat.

I like to eat pizza, fries, honeycomb crunch bars, lemonade, tropical juice, carbonara and spaghetti.

My fave movies.

my fave movies are Miss Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children, Goosebumps and The Lego Batman Movie.

My hobbies.

my hobbies are dancing, singing, colouring, drawing, setting up clubs and playing on my iPad.

My 5 fave songs

 1. Don’t let me down

2. Rockabye


 4.Me Too

5. Just Like Fire

My fave game

My fave game is Rubicks Race

My fave singers 

Amy Winehouse

Taylor Swift

Meghan Trainor

Justin Beiber

Ariana Grande

Shawn Mendes




Ed Sheeran

and my fave band is

The Vamps

My fave books

My fave books are Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

Skulldugery Pleasant

and The Simpsons Guide


Dear owner,

Yesterday you leafed my too run out of charge also you draped me on the hard brick floor, and that killed my screen and made the glass shatter. Then you made me go to a shop and my screen got tock out and then put back a nice lovely screen witch was good. But then I you got a brown poo couled case and it was gross. Why did you do that then you through me in some water. Luckerly I’m water proth. What was the point in all of that, your sutch an idiot you know that. Then your friend tried to do your pass word 3 times so then you blocked me out witch shut me down, a one point I thought I was dead.

Cupid the mug

Hey you humans I’m Cupid the mug and I’m seriously super fed up of liquid drink being poured into me.Some of it is too hot and too cold or good temperature but I still hate it.Sometimes I can’t even breath because of how much you put in!Dont disagree with me all my other mug friends see my point.Mug one day will take over the world and we will be drinking out of you humans.So if you don’t treat us mugs with some respect for once or we will take over the world.So I hope that gives you some common sense Cupid out.


Every morning , Amelia comes down and switches me on . She always watches cartoons . Once she’s gone to school ,I get switched off and left on my own all day . It’s not much fun and I get so bored ! When Amelia gets home I have loads of work to do , changing channels so many times. How would she like it ,constantly having to change what she’s doing ? I finally get a rest when I get switched off for bedtime .

My trip

I’m going on holiday on Friday, a place in Morocco called Maraesch. In Maraesch there is the souks and the souks are when there is lots of different stuff that u can buy. But if u go on a Monday or a Sunday it is manic absolutely manic. It so packed u can’t move! So don’t go on Monday or Sunday. Well u can if u want. When we were getting bored we rid on one of them horses with the trailers on the back and I was squished. But it was fun, To be honest. My hotel was amazing it had a pool well every hotel has a pool or do they. But the best part is it has 4 water slides and not many hotels have 4 water slides do they. I met lots of other people that I don’t know but I do know and we all went down the 4 water slides with them it was so fun. But the main thing about is that I had fun and I hope every body else had fun as well. *2 days later* back to school “oh no” but edleast I saw my friends oh and I had a sleepover I’m lucky.