My brother and i

One day me and my brother who is called Samuel were scooting to school and we were to lazy to go to the shop to get two scooters and both of us loved them. At first we were taking turns but then something switched in my head it was Samuels turn today and i wanted it today when it came to a hill i said can i get on it too nope he said. I said why but before i could say anything he was gone down the hill i chased him but before long we were back at home.

the fight of destainy

Ones there was a boy who was called josh.He was the fastest boy in the school suddenly a boy called ben who joined the school two days ago.He was so fast he won every race he was in he got in a race with josh ben won.He was so happy that he all most wet him self.josh was so angry so he went up to ben and he said so you think your so fast?yep I do. josh punched ben and they had a fight at the end they both met and said do you want to be fiends yes.

brother love

“And i hate you to. ”                                                                                                                        hi my name is Dave and you gust caught me fighting withe my brother Jim Bob. We do n0t like each other at all and when I say at I mean at all even when I was one we hated each other. The argument started when I was gust born i was so cute and he said i was so ugly because he was two when I was  born but I i think this sivvle war I think later i will go up into room and give him a letter saying sorry for ever day

Ellie makes peace

One day i got transported to a different place! I realised that it was the same time and i was just in the field. So i started to explore and i found houses and people everywhere. I found a girl and we soon became friends, and she had a brother that i made friends with. They had a argument i kept silent i remembered it was peace day so i told them. Now they said sorry to each other and made friends. I walked back a long way, and played with my best friends Cora and Annie and had fun.

Eric’s big fight

Once I was  in the playground of my 9th day at school I was with my fabulous friends Josh and Ben we were playing 50 50 in.Then suddenly a cool kid his name was Leo. He started to bully ben then josh started to stick up for him.But then he turned to my I ran but he catch up to me but that was not a surprise because I am very slow I was so scared. Then he started to punch me he gave me a black eye and scratched me then a teacher came out and gave us both detention no!!!