Best day ever

Yesterday I told my mum that I wanted to go horse riding,later that day I asked my mum and she said you can go horse riding. The next week I went horse riding and I had a lot fun. I moved house and I had to say bye to my friends. The next day I went to my new school.I made a new friend called Holly we were friends for the day we played we togever at home and we went home I went to make a new friend her name was molly I played with her.

The secret door

5hours ago I saw a door. I looked in front and behind. Which way? I went in the door. There was a lot of animals and trees.I saw a horse it was stuck it’s hoof was down a fox hole. As I walked to the horse the more scared it got. I helped the horse but the fox came out. I jumped on the horse befor the fox bite the horse the horse ran like the wind I went home but at 9pm I went out and as I opened the door she ran to me. I got in time.

Barry Loser And The Tears Of Granny Laghter PART 2

Right were we left of from. We where just going in the shop which was named freeko now I’ve reminded you lets get to it !. The best drink in the world which is drum roll please tears of granny laghter ? . I know it don’t sound very interesting but it taste the best . My grandmas boyfriend gave it to me and the worst thing about him being my grandmas boyfriend is he is also my teacher . I know how annoying but it is not as annoying as putting to be continued at the end of a book because then you have to buy a new book .




The muddling maze!!

Today was the exciting day!Im going to do the maze today I can’t wait. When I finally got there I went straight in,I looked in front and behind. Which way, I went for right I was at three choices now. I went left and right trying to get out I just kept getting stuck at dead ends. I couldn’t get out maybe this is why they call it the muddling maze, it could be a dream so I pinched myself…nope I’m alive! I kept going I was getting really scared. But out of the blue I saw the end finally.

The Lost And Found !

One midnight at exactly 12’o’clock a new baby was born it was my little brother he really anoying . He is 3 now his birthday was on the 3rd of January. He has lost his trowers so I am going back to the shop. Finely I am hear oh look they are not hear. The lady told me to go into the deep lost florist. I said how do you get to the deep lost forist she gave me this weard map. I am hear now I looked in front and behind. Which way should I gow ? WOW I finly fowned them.